I have been reluctant to close my Etsy shop, HANDSEWN BY #WDG because I thought that the only thing the shop was suffering from was not enough exposure.

But it’s a lot more than that. There’s competition, and customer perception, and good old supply and demand to consider.

Plus there is the issue of time.

I believe those of you subscribed to #WDG are looking for my tales of how I stumble my way through DIY, home improvement, and crafting projects. And now that I’ve added video to these projects, I need a lot more time to work on my posts and make them entertaining and informative for you. That means no time for a shop.

But what’s great about this is you get up to 50% off all my remaining items! So, check out the store for the last time, and grab those finds you’ve been secretly wanting all along.

Last day to Shop: May 9, 2024.

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