The following video is a first look at my design choices for my next major project: an update on my first floor finishes. I haven’t renovated any areas on my first floor since I moved in (except painting the fireplace). See why I chose the colors and products that I did. And check out after the video for my lessons learned.

In this video, I go over:

  • 00:00 Introduction
  • 01:04 Fireplace color
  • 02:04 Wall Base color
  • 02:27 Floor choice (first pass)
  • 02:51 Powder Room Wallpaper (first pass) and color choices
  • 03:27 Dining Room color
  • 04:07 Kitchen color choices (in a possible phase 2–first pass)

Changes already!

Several of my choices in this video have changed due to supply chain issues (Thanks COVID! 😡) and some trades not being available in my area.

  • Floor changed from laminate to vinyl tile (not ordered yet). Because my original sample floor was from a big box store, and I had so many problems getting it that I demanded a refund, I’ve since switched to vinyl tile. I’ve found a few possibilities in similar colors and patterns but nothing has been ordered yet. Stay tuned!
  • Changing to peel and stick wallpaper in the powder room. Remember when I said I was going to have trades professionals install these designs? Well no one in my area is available to install wallpaper, so I’m going to do it myself. I think. This requires another design change (as that sample is unpasted).
  • Changing countertop samples in Phase 2: If I decide to go to Phase 2–updating my kitchen–I am also thinking about adding mosaic backsplash, which would clash with the countertop I picked.

Lessons Learned

  • Design is an always fluid thing. Be prepared for change, especially in a pandemic
  • Get some better lighting for indoor video for the future. (No one is perfect! But I think I did well for my first feature😁)

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