After my debacle with the “big box store” delivery chain problem, I had to switch gears, re-think, and ultimately put a hold on my first floor refresh project. The main reason I put a hold on the project is due to some health issues that had to be addressed. I wanted to have the floors done in time to address these issues, and then I could work on the other parts of the refresh project.

This did not happen.

So instead I worked on a smaller project before tackling medical concerns. And now, I am learning how to edit video. Hopefully when the first floor refresh starts, I will have mastered enough to post video of my progress. In the meantime, you can subscribe to #WeekendDIYGirl’s YouTube channel to be ready for project videos.

P. S. About the floor delivery problem. Here’s how it turned out: I went in the store to see why it was delayed for a 2nd time. The flooring CS rep went and looked at my order, saw it was all there except for floor transitions. Because they were on the shelf and needed to be put with my order, he went ahead and okayed the order and scheduled delivery for 2 weeks later (no available times until then). When the delivery time was 48 hours away, someone from flooring called me and told me my flooring was not all there. (Yep. My guess is they took part of my flooring for someone else’s order.) I went in the next day and demanded and received a refund. This was 2.5 months after my original order. Hence, why I do not have new floors right now.

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