Valentine’s Day is not just about giving candy and cards to significant others and friends, it’s about showing your love language. Which for my brother must be acts of service because it involves replacing a toilet seat.


Well to be fair, I had already called my brother to help repair a piece of furniture, and we had both forgotten it was Valentine’s Day weekend, and since he already had the tools out for the furniture, he replaced the toilet seat in my guest bathroom, too. He uses that one after all. So, this really has nothing to do with love. Well, some caring.

Brief backstory: if you will remember my IG post from July 2020, I had this as a TO-DO project. It’s not a hard thing to do, especially with newer toilets like I have, but for some reason I didn’t have the motivation…or something to get this done. It’s probably a combination of not liking germs (I’m a little germophobic, and this is the guest bathroom) and scared that my phone would fall in the toilet while I tried to get a picture.

Instagram photo. The desk got done, the toilet seat not so much.
Before I had to return it for the right color. Oy vey!

So, after exchanging the seats because they were the wrong color, I just sat one in the guest bathroom and did nothing.

Turns out it really isn’t hard to replace the seat with the right tools. I knew this; I just didn’t want to believe it. The seat comes with all the hardware you need, and with a screwdriver and a basic adjustable wrench, you can replace your seat in 10 minutes.

The wrench is needed to hold the fasteners underneath (those white plastic parts) while you unscrew it at the top. The hardest part of the install was figuring out how to get the screw holes of the new toilet seat to lay flat so you can attach it to the toilet. Just a little spatial thinking (open the lid to work the screw assembly flat into place), and you’re ready to install. Easy peasy!

Now, I guess I’ve got to do my own toilet seat replacement. Do I love myself that much?

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