Quarantine has been interesting for my #WeekendDIYGirl projects. I can’t help seeing all these projects I want to tackle because I am around the house all day.

This project happened because I decided to rearrange my bedroom. (I had the furniture moving stuff out from my home office reno and thought why not? *smh*) When I did, I found that I had too much furniture in my bedroom, so I moved these to my bonus room, which could use some better lighting solutions. The oak wood and beige shades were not the right look for my bonus room’s vibe, so I repainted these and got new shades for them.

The shades I wanted were hard to find in the right size. A quick search from IKEA gave me the right shade, but as many know, only IKEA lamps fit IKEA shades. So I kept searching, but I came up empty. I used a hack from the Shine Your Light Blog, which meant I had to go source the items. So what could have been an easy weekend project turned into a month-long research and sourcing project during quarantine. But the results are amazing!

Before image (left (or top)) a slightly updated version of my lamp. Photo Credit: Target Corporation.


  • Paint Color: Pewter Gray Paint + Primer (Rustoleum) spray paint, 2 cans for each lamp
  • Sandpaper, painter’s tape, and tack cloth
  • Lampshades: RINGSTA from IKEA
  • Lampshade hack supplies (See Shine Your Light Blog post)
  • White zip ties ( to replace brown zip ties that keep the cord out of the way of the shelves.)

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