Parts 3 and 4 of my Home Office Renovation are to paint 2 pieces of major furniture: A double bookshelf and my desk.

The desk interior cubby needs one more coat, but after that, I’m stalled while doing my part to #StayAtHome. After all, there’s so much more to do on this renovation.

I thought the double bookshelf would be a snap–just spray paint it white, let it dry, and it could go back in the office. Two cans of spray paint later, and it’s in my living room waiting to be fixed. How did it happen?

This is a case of doing too much and not paying attention. Firstly, I was doing three projects at once: painting a wall in my home office, sanding my desk between coats, and trying to declutter this very same bookshelf’s contents. I did all of this with relative ease. Getting the bookshelf down the stairs and out the door was a little harder.

But my mistake was in not sanding. Like in other paint projects I’ve done here, I’ve played hit or miss with sanding. Every time I miss sanding, I always come out with a not-so-good result. Here, because I have a shiny laminate on top of this engineered wood, I need to sand the shine off so the spray paint can adhere. That’s why It came off on the right side (below pic)

Well, now I need to sand off more than that. See the drips? I’m pretty sure it’s mostly my fault for not sanding and for spraying too heavily and too close ( I was pretty tired that day). Although, I did get a better spray paint–one that I know works well. Hopefully, try number 2 will yield better results!

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