Towel Cupcakes in "Blueberry" and "Chocolate"


Skill level: Easy

Ingredients used: (for 1 cupcake) Washcloth or Hand towel, decorative scrapbook paper (I used cardstock thickness), scissors – if you have ones with the scalloped edges, this is easier, and a spherical lollipop (mine are Tootsie Roll Pops). Packaging:  small gable box (or cupcake box), acrylic paint in yellow.


This is the second of my summer crafting projects. For those asking about the feminine vibe here, all of these went into birthday gift bags for some special girl friends! No, I don’t just craft for ladies, but these projects were all made with a spa-vacation-relaxing-girls’ weekend in mind.

And as with my last project, the cupcakes pictured here were my creation, but the credit goes to J. Fong for the awesome how-to video. There are a lot of towel cupcake videos on YouTube, but J. Fong’s is a good one. This project like the last one was simple and cost efficient. I used washcloths instead of more expensive hand towels for price and for easy handling when forming the cupcakes.

Here’s the video that I used to make the cupcakes.

Go to J.Fong’s Style with a Smile Website to get the pattern for the cupcake wrapper

Lessons Learned: I used scrapbook glue to secure the ends of the cupcake “wrapper.” This didn’t hold them together, so I used the closest thing handy — a stapler. My stapler is weird in that the staples do not fold in on themselves like they usually do. So, my towels got snagged. My suggestion here would be to use a hot glue gun to create the cupcake wrapper. Let it cool. Then, create the cupcake.

Have fun crafting!

"Chocolate" Towel Cupcakes.

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