Difficulty Level: Easy (when everything is rotten 🙂 )

Strength Level: Find some from somewhere. You’ll need it.

This is why I do not like wooden fences. After a while, even treated fences  will rot, and down they go.  Today I took down  this section of fencing. All of the posts were rotted and it was holding on by a thread (A wire hanger, actually). So when the “thread” was loosened, it all came down. In my neighbor’s yard.

Dismantling required 2 tools: wire cutters and pliers (I had 2 kinds of pliers: needle-nose and regular), some serious arm strength, and protective gear: safety glasses and gloves. Being pierced by a rusty nail or piece of wire can give you a serious case of tetanus. Splinters can cause infection. And of course, a heavy piece of lumber dropped on your foot is not fun. I recommend doing this with someone to help if you’re just a weekend small project DIY-er like me. If not for the bad timing and underestimation, I would have had help as well.

Suggestions Needed: So now I have 12 pickets, a gate with questionable hinges, and 3 posts that have rotted on the bottom. Any suggestions on how I can upcycle these into a functional DIY piece?

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